What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness involves having a non-judgmental, inviting awareness of the present moment. Read more

1. All About Now

Our minds are constantly time-travelling, mulling over things that have happened in the past and planning things in the future.

Mindfulness highlights the fact that we only exist in the present moment and that instead of always dwelling in the past or future, it is important to take the time to fully experience our current reality and check in with what's going on in our minds right now.

2. Leave the Flood Gates Open

Sometimes our thoughts or feelings may scare, anger or embarrass us so we screen them out.

Mindfulness involves letting anything and everything we experience drift through consciousness and simply noticing and accepting each one as a part of us at that moment, without categorizing, evaluating or judging them.

3. Eagle Eyes

Having a clear awareness of our inner and outer worlds as they exist, right this second.

The Benefits of Mindfulness

  1. A better understanding of yourself
  2. Being more at peace with yourself, not constantly fighting the thoughts & feelings that emerge
  3. Being more relaxed, you now have a coping strategy for almost any situation

How Do We Become More Mindful?

Reflecting / being mindful is something we all do, just to different extents.
Try these relaxation and breathing exercises to boost your abilities in this area.

Breathe The Breathe tool lets you take a moment to tune in to what's going on for you. Rating: Easy Duration: 2 min 18s audio text Download: MP3
Body Scan This 30 minute guided meditation lets you become clearly and non-judgmentally aware of every part of your body and also of it as a whole. Just find a quiet space and follow the directions Rating: Medium Duration: 27min 49s Download: MP3 audio text
Have a Laugh Laugh out loud! Enjoy and embrace the funnier side of relaxation. Rating: Easy Duration: 3 min 29s Download: MP3 audio text
Sounds Use this to tune into the sounds in your environment and straight away be more aware of the present moment. Rating: Easy Duration: 2 min 38s Download: MP3 audio text
Watching Thoughts Learn how to let your thoughts drift past your mind's eye, noticing each one and accepting it fully. Rating: Medium Duration: 6 min 46s Download: MP3 audio text
Mindful Eating Learn how to enjoy and appreciate every bite you eat. Rating: Medium Duration: 4 min 51 s Download: MP3 audio text